I wrote something for BYO magazine


A couple of months ago I was contacted by Brew Your Own magazine, asking whether I could write a project article on my ‘Tun Cosy’ design.


The Tun Cosy!

The ‘Tun Cosy’ (renamed ‘Tun Cozy’ for a US audience) is a removable insulating jacket for small stainless steel pots.  In homebrewing it’s really important to keep your steeping grains at a constant temperature for an hour or more, which can be a challenge if you only brew small volumes of beer.  I published an Instructable on the Tun Cosy, and BYO spotted it.

In the homebrew world, you don’t get much bigger than BYO!  So I’m thrilled to see my project in the December 2015 issue (and even with a plug on the front page)!

The project guide is available online for free.

2 thoughts on “I wrote something for BYO magazine

  1. Nice work and congrats! My team and I have used the expanding foam material for fiberglass aircraft wing molding (back in the day) on a SAE aircraft competition in college. Cool stuff! Cheers!

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