YERRA radio status

The YerraLoon project team at the ANU invites radio enthusiasts to help us track flights above the ACT and regional NSW.  Anyone with the right equipment can join the team and upload live telemetry and imagery to the Habhub community tracker.


Upcoming flights

We have a plan to launch our next balloon within the first two weeks of May 2018, depending on wind conditions.  We typically wait until predicted landing sites are on clear land to the north of Canberra (click here for a seven-day landing site forecast).  Releases are typically between 9am and 11am, with recovery around two hours later. Live updates will be posted on the Mount Stromlo Facebook page.

Dummy payload

We sometimes locate a dummy balloon payload on Mount Stromlo for the purpose of radio link testing.  Anyone with a UHF sideband receiver or simple software-defined radio dongle can try decoding tracker messages and image packets.  This data can then be uploaded to the ‘Habhub’ community servers via free software.  More information can be found in the UKHAS tracking guide. The balloon’s current position and all active ground stations are shown on Habhub’s public tracker map.

Please only test the Habhub upload for a short while (i.e. not hours and hours), otherwise it dominates the debug log and inconveniences other users.

RTTY 434.250 MHz USB, 300 baud, 750 Hz carrier shift, ASCII-8, no parity, 2 stop bits

Status: ONLINE

Location: -35.3163, 149.0098

Status last updated: 2018-04-17