Time-sliced #SuperBloodMoon lunar eclipse 2015

Time slices spanning 2.5 hours (left-to-right) of the latter part of the 'super blood moon' eclipse in September 2015.

Time slices spanning 2.5 hours (left-to-right) of the latter part of September’s ‘super blood moon’ eclipse. 156 shots, 60 s apart.

Following on from my cloudy solar eclipse time-slice in March this year, I thought I’d try a lunar one (clear skies!) using my fledgling ‘tslice’ Python module.

Because of the situation and geometry of our windows, only the latter half of the eclipse was visible. I set up my camera to take bracketed exposures every 60 s, which were merged into HDR images and then put through the time-slice code. I got exactly what I was after: a time-slice image with high enough time resolution to turn the moon into a single streak, transitioning from blood red to completely overexposed fully illuminated.

It also gave me a reason to update the tslice repository on Github. I’ve done away with the Python Imaging Library entirely, now relying only on the ubiquitous NumPy and SciPy. It’s faster now, too. Happy days.

I added time stamps and a title to the output image in photoshop to make it more self-explanatory, but it occurs to me that this would be a nice feature in the module itself, with automatic timecode based on the EXIF tags of the input images.. maybe next time.

Super Blood Moon might be a bit Hollywood, but it does make a nice Twitter hashtag!

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