Frothy coffees of 2012

Frothy coffees of 2012

I’m pretty much fuelled by coffee, but last year I developed an extra habit: whenever I was served a fancy frothy coffee at a café (you know.. cappuccino and the like), I would take a photo with my iPhone.  And here they are in date order!

I ignored takeaway coffee and ‘normal’ boring non-pretty black coffee, and sometimes I just forgot.  But the result is really interesting.  It’s a map of my year.  I can pick out my trip to Amsterdam in June (the totally plain cappuccino in the centre) and also my time in the UK in October (the chocolate heart, the coffee beans and the ones in between).  There’s even an alcoholic coffee in there; party coffee.

The full collage is 13,000 pixels wide.  Enough to make a 4′ print  :o

Some good ones:








1 thought on “Frothy coffees of 2012

  1. Now that’s a lot of coffee! I’m pretty much fueled by the caffeine deliciousness as well at home and in travels. Need to go get some stat after seeing this! :)

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