Transit of Venus 2012 time-lapse

Venus passed in front of the sun on 6th June 2012, and all the while I was happily photographing it from tropical North Queensland.  Here is the time-lapse of all the photos I took throughout the day.  The music is by Kevin Macleod – thanks Kevin!

Admittedly the video is.. well rather dull.  There’s something amusing though about producing such a boring video of such an exciting and significant event.  Also I’m glad that I managed to document the occasion without any (major) technical problems.  Aligning all the photos was the tricky bit, but in the end I emerged victorious thanks to a Python script. I plan to write a full description of how I did that soon.

EDIT 2013-04-05: Here’s the post on aligning the sun images.

EDIT 2014-03-07: Here’s the YouTube version.

And here’s a nice stack of six photos from the day :)

4 thoughts on “Transit of Venus 2012 time-lapse

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